Ultimate Workout And Recovery
Ultimate Workout And Recovery

Ultimate Workout And Recovery

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Ultimate Workout And Recovery Deluxe Rehab and Exercise Convenience Gym

The Spider Complete Exercise and Rehab Convenience Gym includes the Travel Viper System

Inquire about our Special Wood Edition!

''We are the ULTIMATE anti-atrophy anti-depression and anti-obesity fitness and recovery tool of convenience for the ENTIRE family! Busy moms, restless kids and adults whether disabled or able bodied, this is THE chance to get fit fast and in the most convenient way possible, nothing better than learning wellness early on in a safe way-get to know us!" - Team UWAR

PERFECT to use from your bed recliner or wheelchair. The Ultimate Workout and Recovery Spider System benefits wounded warriors and veterans, athletes, paraplegics and spinal cord injury patients, and bariatric patients, cancer and immune-compromised patients, stay-at-home mothers, care givers, occupational and physical therapists, senior centers, nursing homes, veterans hospitals, rehab clinics, fitness enthusiasts, personal trainers, chiropractors, and anywhere this unit would aid those Stuck-In-Bed achieve maximum fitness and recovery.

Wheelchair User
USE IT OR LOSE IT applies to people of all ability levels - imagine easily doing a cardio workout while in a wheelchair, or doing resistance and range of motion exercise while in bed, unattended. There are many proven psychological benefits from physcial activity, regardless of the level of ability.

Professional and amateur athletes can work out even with an injured or recovering limb. Our devices are zero impact, and can be used in a bed, chair or wheelchair. Our travel device can be used on a bus, train, etc. Fitness enthusiasts, precent joint strain! Give your hips, knees and ankles a break!

At any level of function, veterans and their families/friends can benefit from the ability to work out anywhere, anytime, with our devices. Choose the travel version, or the larger, but very portable full-size device. The full size device allows a cardio workout while in a bed or chair, and virtually all muscle groups may be strengthened and toned - while in bed or chair!

Included in The Ultimate Workout and Recovery Spider System:

  • 1 Steel-Forged Aluminum Device
  • 2 Thresholds to Secure System to a Bed, Recliner or Wheelchair
  • 2 Bed Attachments, Optional Add on
  • 8 Resistance Cords with Different Resistance Levels - 10 to 50 lbs
  • 8 Handles/Triple Cord Grips
  • 1 Hand and Foot Cardio and Strength Pedaler
  • 1 Pilates Yoga Ball and Band Kit*
  • 3 Rejuvenating Stress Balls
  • 1 Fun to Use Massage Roller
  • 1 Pair of Attractive Workout Gloves
  • 6-8 Lock Pins
  • 4 Wing-Nuts, Screws and Washers
  • 2 Water Jugs (Optional)
  • Instructional DVD ($40 Value) Free!
  • T-Shirt
  • Latex Free Bands are Available Upon Request
  • Travel Viper System Included*
  • Note: Some items may need to be be back ordered

* Subject to availability, may take longer to receive this item.

Attach to Wheelchair or Bed

  • 100 Different Exercises
  • Quick Workout
  • Easy to Setup
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Easy to Store
  • Use in a Recliner
  • Zero Impact
  • No Free Weight Risks
  • Can Use Unassisted
  • Variable Resistance
  • Cardio While In Bed!

Personal Trainer, Athletic Trainer, OT, PT, Rehab Uses:
Offer a unique benefit - distinguish your practice and clinic

  • Avoid transferring patients or clients
  • Avoid fall risks for patients or clients
  • Pre and Post bariatric surgery clients
  • For short and long term rehab, for post-op and injuries
  • Strength, range of motion, cardio conditioning
  • Zero Impact!
  • Work out upper body or lower body or both
  • Getting into and out of bed safely
  • Easily assembled, portable, wheeled, fully adjustable

Designed in the USA. Trademarked. Patented.